Launch of the NV20 Pro – Indoor TV Antenna

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The NorthVu NV20 Pro is a compact HD TV antenna designed to blend into any home entertainment area. Simple to use and easy on the eyes, the NV20Pro gives the rabbit ears antenna an artistic refresh bringing broadcast high definition digital TV channels free into your home.   It’s a box; you buy it once, plug it in to the back of your TV and start receiving free channels.  There are 10 to 20 TV channels in most major cities in North America.

Are Cable television bills getting too high? Did you wish you could just cut the cord?

Rising cable costs are nothing new, more channels and less advertising dollars coming in the door are a prescription for higher cable prices. But with the rise of online downloadable video, it’s hard to justify paying higher prices for both broadband and cable television. The NorthVu System antenna provides an alternative to paying for cable, offering consumers’ access to free OTA (over-the-air) digital television channels. Plug-in back of the box TV antenna’s often bring up memories of rabbit ears and fuzzy stations – NorthVu’ NV20Pro antenna brings in crystal clear HD straight into your living room.

While television antennas a far cry from a new invention. The NV20 Pro is the first antenna to use fractal technology, the same technology that eliminated external antenna’s on cell phones. This provides for both a small compact design and more powerful reception. The other advantage is that it is Omni-directional, meaning you don’t have to point it while standing on one toe and touching your finger to your nose, which was the case for old fashioned rabbit years, simple plug it into the TV and your ready to go.

Why haven’t I heard of this? Free TV?


While VHS and cassette tapes were rendered pretty much obsolete, the TV antenna began to make a slow comeback in 2009, when the government mandated that television broadcaster’s switch their transmission signals from analog over to digital,
meaning no more fuzzy reception! With digital you either receive the channels or you don’t.  All that is required is an HD Antenna and a Television. Take this and combine it with online video downloading and eliminating the cable bill is now possible.

Design an Antenna for the Modern Home.

NorthVu knocked on the Design 1st studio door seeking help to turn their innovative fractal HDTV antenna technology into a consumer friendly entertainment product. The goals was to revamp the old fashioned look of the TV antenna and turn the necessary object into a discrete elegant piece of home décor. This required finding a balance between form and function ensuring NorthVu’s HDTV antenna would blend with the variety of modern consumer tastes. To add to this challenge, the Design 1st team worked with NorthVu creating multiple design concepts and product iterations leading to the final design.

The NV 20 Pro made its debut at the CES 2012 in Las Vegas and has recently come out of the labs and is now through production and on sale at Amazon.

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