CES 2024 Recap: A Glimpse into the Future of Technology

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 in Las Vegas, with over 130,000 attendees, 1,000 startups, and 3,500 exhibitors, was a spectacle of innovation.


CES showcased cutting-edge trends in AI, generative AI, and sustainability, featuring significant contributions from Asian tech firms.
The focus was on two major trends: Innovative Physical Products and Innovative Materials and Components.

Key Trends and Highlights for physical products:

  1. AI and Generative AI: Dominating roles in mobility, health, and robotics.
  2. Eco-Friendly Innovations: Biodegradable plastics and paper batteries.
  3. Compact AI Assistants: Introducing Rabbit R1 and audio earrings.
  4. Advanced Materials: Innovative connectors and eyetracking glasses.
  5. Smart Home Devices: Barcode-scanning mailboxes and robotic manicures.

Top Physical Product Innovations


CES 2024 highlighted remarkable products that redefine how we interact with technology.

Custo – Smart Barcode-Scanning Mailbox: Revolutionizing parcel delivery, Custo’s mailbox uses barcode scanning for secure package reception. Compatible with over 1500 courier services through its 4G-enabled API system, it offers a new level of convenience and security in package handling.

ces 2024 custo smart barcode scanning mailbox


Rabbit R1 – Compact AI Personal Assistant: This AI assistant stands out with its compact size, innovative integration, and user-friendly interface. The Rabbit R1 offers seamless app integration, making it a versatile tool for personal and professional use.

ces 2024 rabbit r1


Transcribe Glass – Clip-On Audio Transcription: A novel accessory for glasses that provides live audio transcription and translation. This innovation seamlessly integrates with personal eyewear, enhancing communication in multilingual environments.

ces 2024 transcribe glasses


NOVA H1 Audio Earrings – Clip-On Earphones: These earphones blend fashion with functionality, featuring patented Directional Sound Technology in a pearl-embedded clip-on design. They offer a unique way to enjoy music and calls with privacy and clarity.

ces 2024 nova h1 aurdio earrings


RUAH – Wireless Respiratory Monitoring Wearable: A game-changer in health monitoring, RUAH’s lightweight wearable device uses AI to diagnose sleep apnea and improve sleep health at a fraction of traditional costs.

ces 2024 ruah


Nimble – Robotic At-Home Nail Salon: Nimble brings salon-quality manicures home with its precision robotic arm. This device combines patented technology and advanced robotics for a quick, flawless manicure experience.

ces 2024 nimble robotic nail polish applicator


ERISCO – App-Controlled Smart Padlock: ERISCO introduces a smartphone-controlled, battery-free padlock. Its NFC-powered operation and robust design offer a new level of keyless security.

ces 2024 erisco app controlled smart padlock


Repla – Plastic Identification Technology: With its innovative plastics scanner, Repla is pioneering in identifying recycled goods and aiding in sustainable practices.

ces 2024 repla plastic identification technology


Woosh – Smart Home Air Quality Management: A Canadian innovation in smart furnace filter systems, Woosh integrates advanced sensing technology for superior air quality monitoring in homes. 

ces 2024 woosh smart home air quality management


LetinAR – Augmented Reality Optics: Glasses form or individual optics modules supplier, few different display types with varying efficiencies and fields of view.

ces 2024 letinar augmented reality optics


ROWND – Desktop CNC Lathe: Revolutionary CNC Lathe for 3D printing projects of various materials and metals, and can be controlled via smartphone app, computer, or game controller.

ces 2024 rownd desktop cnc lathe


iMass – Smart Cataract Eye Surgery Device: Surgical device for incision of most important lens during the first stage of cataract surgery, a procedure that ranks first among the most common surgeries in North America and Korea.


Top Innovations in Components, Materials, and Processes


CES 2024 also spotlighted groundbreaking materials and components reshaping various industries.

Day1LAB / Retarch – Sustainable Plastic Alternatives

Day1LAB’s Retarch represents a significant leap in sustainable materials. These starch-based plastics are not only biodegradable but also suitable for mass production, offering a viable alternative to traditional disposable plastics. Their usage could potentially revolutionize industries ranging from packaging to consumer goods, significantly reducing the environmental impact of disposable plastics. 

ces 2024 day1lab retarch sustainable plastic alternatives


Opteran – AI for Robot Navigation

Opteran is pioneering with its AI technology inspired by insect brains. This approach offers a low-power, highly efficient solution for navigating robots and drones. The technology mimics the natural, instinctive decision-making process of insects, which could lead to more autonomous and adaptable robotic systems in various applications, from agriculture to urban planning. 


Hirose – Innovative Connector Solutions

Hirose displayed an array of connectors, notable for their compact size and high-power capacity. These connectors are designed for high-performance applications, potentially revolutionizing how power and data are transmitted in small, densely packed devices such as smartphones, medical devices, and other portable electronics. 

ces 2024 hirose connector solutions


Mindlink Air – Eyetracking Technology

Mindlink Air from Canada showcased eyetracking technology, integrated into stylish, customizable glasses. This advancement is a stride in personal health monitoring, allowing users to track fatigue and mental state. It’s a blend of fashion and functionality, potentially beneficial in fields like gaming, mental health monitoring, and user interface design.

ces 2024 mindlink air eyetracking technology


Film Players Limited – Smart Glass Film

Film Players Limited introduced smart film for glass, which can switch from transparent to fogged. This offers a sleek solution for privacy and aesthetic enhancement in architectural designs, automobiles, and personal devices. The technology could also find applications in advertising and storefront displays. 


BRICK – UltraDirectional Speaker

BRICK’s UltraDirectional Speaker offers precise sound delivery, ideal for environments like group calls and busy offices. The technology focuses sound in a specific direction, reducing noise pollution and enhancing privacy. This could revolutionize public spaces, office environments, and even home entertainment systems. 

ces 2024 brick ultradirectional speaker


BEFC – Eco-Friendly Paper Batteries

BEFC introduced paper batteries, a groundbreaking eco-friendly technology. These batteries are suitable for short-term powering of sensors and communication devices, representing a significant step towards more sustainable energy solutions, especially in the fields of disposable electronics and IoT devices. 

ces 2024 befc eco-friendly paper batteries


Aromajoin – Scent Shooters

Aromajoin’s scent shooters use solid-state technology for rapid scent switching. This innovation opens new possibilities in virtual reality, experiential marketing, and therapeutic applications, offering a more immersive and multisensory experience. 

ces 2024 aromajoin scent shooters


Doctech – Advances in IC Packaging

Hong Kong-based Doctech revealed novel technologies in 2.5 & 3D IC packaging. This advancement is crucial for tech enthusiasts, as it promises to enhance the performance and reduce the size of electronic devices, impacting fields like computing, telecommunications, and consumer electronics. 


SITAN – Micro Displays

SITAN’s 0.13” high-resolution micro displays are a technological marvel, suitable for a wide range of applications, from compact projectors to augmented reality glasses. These displays could lead to more portable, efficient, and high-quality visual devices.

ces 2024 sitan micro displays


Raysolve – Micro Display Innovations

Raysolve showcased their cutting-edge micro displays, demonstrating potential applications in high-end electronics, including advanced imaging systems and wearable technology. 

ces 2024 raysolve micro display innovations


MEMORIO – Pixel-Level Smart Film

MEMORIO introduced a customizable smart film for glass, ideal for dynamic storefront displays and advertising. This technology offers unique opportunities for interactive marketing and design, changing the way businesses engage with their customers.

ces 2024 memorio pixel level smart film


SMK – Electronic Fabric Sensors

SMK’s electronic fabric sensors are a breakthrough in integrating electrical connections into textiles. These sensors use conductive yarns and printed patterns, connected without soldering and stabilized with rivets. This technology has vast applications in wearable technology, smart clothing, and healthcare monitoring, offering enhanced durability and ease of integration. 

ces 2024 smk smart powered fabric snaps


Nichicon – LTO Batteries

These portable-sized rechargeable batteries use Lithium Titanate (LTO) to achieve a higher charge than other rechargeable batteries, and are perfect for compact devices, including IoT devices and wearables.

ces 2024 nichicon lto batteries

FRORE – Active Solid-State Cooling for Electronics

FRORE’s AirJet Mini is the first ever solid-state thermal cooling chip. It is lightweight, quiet, and can outperform bulkier fans. While consuming less power than a regular fan, it allows for a more sleek, cleaner look to devices.

ces 2024 frore active solid state cooling for electronics

CES 2024 was a testament to the continuous evolution of technology and the re-emergence of  physical product design as a critical element of a software-driven world with the integration of new sensor tech, battery tech and AI across most industries.

The event not only showcased cutting-edge technology but also provided a platform for meaningful connections and knowledge exchange, setting the stage for the future of tech development.


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