Lights and Optics Expertise

Whether it’s LiDAR systems or therapeutic LEDs, our proficiency in technology empowers us to seamlessly incorporate lighting and optics solutions into your project.

Our Lights and Optics Design Capabilities:

We have deep light and optic expertise across multiple industries and device types, helping clients do the following

  • Light Sources: LED lighting, Solar, High-powered IR, UV design.
  • Optical Components: Optics, Lenses, Mirrors, Light pipes.
  • Light Management: Lumens, Reflectance, Polarization, Diffusers.
  • Imaging Technologies: Cameras, Thermal imaging, LiDar, TOF sensors.
  • Illumination Systems: Reflectors, Backlighting, Light guides, Light path design.
  • Coatings and Treatments: AR coatings, Anti-scratch, Anti-glare, Performance coatings.
  • Optical Calculations and Simulations: Optical power calculations, Light path simulations.
  • Advanced Optical Applications: NIR, Lasers, LED as a light source.

View Our Lights and Optics Project Expertise:

Neptec real-time Li-Dar vision system for mining

Real-Time 3D LiDar Vision

We needed an up and running engineering team and we needed them right away. We found that Design 1st had a lot of interesting ideas that we probably wouldn’t have thought of because they have rugged electronics experience.”

Derek Butler
VP Engineering, Neptec


Modgarden TinyFarm. High energy grow LED’s coupled with parabolic shaped reflectors, ensure micro greens get even lighting.

J2 Lights: FEA Thermal Simulation of LED Heat paths for cooler lighting and lower dust accumulation issues with traditional LED PCB orientations.

GeoSight with camera exploring 90 degrees from bore hole direction to enable investigation of voids and caverns underground

Internal electronics and IR LED’s for the vSulpt device

Do you have an optical challenge you need help solving?

Learn how our team of design and engineering experts can help you
VSculpt prototype and model

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