Companies or Startups
without a product development team

We are fully-staffed to be your new product development team, taking your initial product concept and filling in all the details to allow third-party manufacturers to quote and produce the final product.
We work closely with your business and market strategy team to look at alternative designs, then select a high value minimum risk option that meets the user needs and business objectives. Our process goes one step at a time, focused on the planning and critical elements to assess and integrate elements of the design, then we document the many details that make-up the specifications for a third-party to produce your product predictably and reliably, in higher quantities.

We Help Companies and Startups Solve Product Design and Development Challenges

We help companies overcome a wide range of product development challenges, including helping you find low-cost and time-efficient ways to get a specific part of your product designed. Here are some of our speciality capabilities:


User and market research and testing

Risk identification

Design for Manufacturing

Clients value our vast experience across many technologies and product development processes.

Supply planning

Prototype apps for cloud connected product

Proof of concept models

Manufacturing Cost Analysis

Clients value our vast experience across many technologies and product development processes.

We help secure hard-to-find parts through our established supplier network which enables you to achieve differentiated product that users and buyers embrace.

From early-stage planning, to exploring new features, to testing hypotheses, our specialist teams provide you with feasible options so you can make difficult trade-off decisions that lead to low-risk and high-value product development, designed to fit into your business strategy.

Projects We Have Done with Companies and Startups
That Do Not Have In-House Development Teams

Explore projects we have helped develop for companies without in-house design teams.

Our Product Development Process

Companies who chose Design 1st to help fulfill a part of the product development.

Companies and Start Ups WITHout an in-house hardware product development team

Companies and Start Ups WITHout an in-house hardware product development team

Our Expertise

Through integrating with your team, we get quickly up to speed, adapt to your processes, and provide innovative solutions to your product development challenges

Product Design Strategy

Armed with these insights, we work with you to set your overall product design strategy and refine product feature priorities.

Rapid Experimental Prototypes

Show and validate your design, reduce risk, and assess your product’s utility to customers prior to moving to volume manufacturing.

Reliable Engineering Solutions

Our expert engineering team has the analysis tools and technical expertise to help you reduce risk and solve tough problems.

Electronics Design and Wireless Connectivity

Add intelligence and connectivity to your product using an interdisciplinary approach that integrates hardware and software.

Award-Winning Industrial Design

Transform your vision into a useful engaging product by tapping into our proven process that delivers products customers love.

Component Sourcing and Supplier Strategy

Tap into our global supply chain partner to build-out a custom logistics network as you plan your path to market.

Product Packaging Design

Meet your business, brand, and customer needs with unique custom packaging that highlights your product’s features and value.

Manufacturing Setup

By sharing our skills, talent and network of partners, we are committed to the success of your world class manufacturable product.


What Companies and Startups Needing In-House Product Development Say About Design 1st