Swabbot - Cleaning and Validation Cobot

Revolutionary Collobrative Robot (Cobot) for Pharmaceutical Tank Cleaning

An Inside Glimpse Into the Product Development of the Swabbot Collaborative Robot

Swabbot Concept Inside large tank

Product Design Requirements

Rick Mineo, CEO of Swabbot, approached Design 1st with an innovative yet preliminary SwabBot prototype, seeking to refine and scale it for rigorous industrial applications. Design 1st focused on evolving the concept into a compact, autonomous collaborative robot (cobot) capable of executing precise cleaning validations in large confined spaces, enhancing safety and operational efficiency. Key product design requirements included:

Engineering Challenges

The evolution of the Swabbot into an efficient cobot required overcoming significant engineering challenges to meet the rigorous demands of industrial cleaning applications. Design 1st tackled issues related to size, automation, and operational safety, critical for the cobot’s success. Engineering challenges and solutions included:

Wood Tank Prototype for Final Product Testing
Swabbot Launch at ISPE CASA Tech Show in Raleigh

Product Results

Following extensive testing and development by Design 1st, Swabbot stands out as an innovative solution ready to transform industry standards in cleaning validation. Swabbot is now demonstrating the product at various tradeshows. Key product results include:

Taking a Cobot from inital concept through to final product testing

The initial catalyst to bring in Design 1st was to get a company who covers all of our needs from electrical, mechanical, software, and manufacturing in one group. Design 1st taken us from that early stage now to getting our final prototype and final prototype testing.”

CEO, Swabbot Solutions LLC 

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