Lumenera - Microscopy Cameras

Ongoing Design Support Paves Lumenera's Path to Mass Production Success

An Inside Glimpse Into the Product Development Support of Lumenera's Camera Product Line

Luemera Prototype Parts

Product Design Requirements

Seeking to expand their market reach, Lumenera enlisted Design 1st’s expertise to refine the design of their camera lineup for mass production. The multi-year project involved modifying six camera types to achieve large-scale manufacturing efficiency. Key design specifications included:

Design and Engineering Activities

Design 1st tackled tough engineering challenges to prepare Lumenera’s cameras for mass production. Their success led to a long-term partnership as Lumenera’s go-to mechanical design team. Accomplishments included:

Lumenera Manufactured Part
Eric Ramsden, Direct of Product at Lumenera showcases the newest USB 3 cameras at the AIA Vision Show.

Lumenera Project Results

Design 1st’s six-year collaboration with Lumenera played a crucial mechanical design role in refining and preparing their camera technology for the global market. Their work underpinned Lumenera’s continuous innovation, contributing to its acquisition by Teledyne in 2019.

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