General Fuel - Aluminum Fuel Cell Innovation

Revolutionary Aluminum-Air Fuel Cell Provides Sustainable Electricity

An Inside Glimpse Into the Product Design of General Fuel's Aluminum-Air Fuel Cell

Original Proof-of-Concept Client Prototype

Product Design Requirements

General Fuel Systems Inc. approached Design 1st to help commercialize their aluminum-air battery, starting with a scale-down and enhancing their existing R&D technology. The goal was to refine the initial concept, complete detailed engineering, and produce a fully functional prototype, improving functionality, safety, and environmental impact.

Engineering Challenges

Addressing the technical complexities of miniaturizing the aluminum-air fuel cell presented a multifaceted challenge for the Design 1st engineering team. The primary focus was on maintaining high energy efficiency and user safety in a smaller form factor while also managing the intricate electro-mechanical systems and fluid dynamics required for optimal performance. Key challenges included:

3D CAD of Final Fuel Cell Concept
Bench-model testing of fuel cell fluid flow

Project Results

General Fuel’s engagement with Design 1st culminated successfully with the completion of detailed engineering for the aluminum-air battery. The system’s designs underwent virtual simulation and testing, a prototype was ready for fabrication, and all essential documentation was transferred to the client to secure additional funding and industry backing in the technology.

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