Wearable Body Worn Project Portfolio

From head to toe, Design 1st has developed a wide range of human worn products. We have the technical expertise to get a comfortable ergonomic fit for your product.

Body Worn Wearable Device Capabilities

We have deep wearable expertise across multiple industries and device types, helping clients do the following:

  • Body sensors (SPO2, blood pressure, HRM, temperature, EEG)
  • Approval, certification
  • Material contact feel and safety
  • Anthropometrics
  • Human factors
  • Ergonomics, Comfort
  • Fit to face, neck, wrist, hand, waist, torso, etc.
  • Fit and size adjustment
  • Motion tracking
  • Durability in use

View Our Body Word Project Expertise:


Simple, elegant, pendant to be worn as a necklace with sensors connected to app to help promote mindfullness with through vibration.

Ultralight and compact, Calibre™ is optimally designed for real-life comfort and usability to accurately track your metrics regardless of the activity or exercise.

TritonWear swim coach wanted a tracking device to be worn on swimmers to gain valuable insight about their training. This required a device that was small, waterproof, and comfortable to wear, all while communicating live performance data

SafeXtract wanted to improve the safety of miners by monitoring their health and location using a connected mining helmet. Part of this design featured a dynamic sizing mechanism, that ensured a proper and comfortable fit while being simple to operate.


Stanley Healthcare came to Design 1st for help with a new product concept. The requirement was to design a bracelet for tamperproof security, quick removal, and easy reattachment. Stanley required full product development support from concept design through to manufacturing.


Mindfulness Now came to Design 1st for help developing an elegant, connected pendant to help with mindfulness practice. The device connects to an app that allows users to receive gentle vibrations throughout the day to help maintain mindfulness.


Neurovine uses portable EEG technology to read brain activity and send real-time reporting to concussion patients’ mobile devices, allowing doctors to track improvement, identify triggers, and prescribe treatment. Ergonomics were critical to the success of this product, as any discomfort could irritate an already sensitive patient.

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