MyTrak - Smart Fitness Monitor

Award-winning wearable fitness monitor acquired by Curves®

An Inside Glimpse Into the Product Development of MyTrak's Slimcoach™

design concept
Concept Sketches

Background & Design Requirements

The client came to Design 1st wanting to transform the concept of a detachable clip-based wearable activity tracker with visual cues into a high-volume manufacturable product.

Design and Engineering Challenges

Implementing Design 1st’s proven process, the team was able to overcome several obstacles to balance the design requirements with long-lasting performance.
exploded 3d model
3D CAD Exploded View
fea analysis
FEA Engineering Test

Product Testing: Issue Found

During pre-production prototype testing the material of the poly-carbonate material chosen for the detachable clip began creating problems and failing.

Product Results and Client Success

MyTrak transformed a concept idea into one of the world’s first mass-consumer fitness trackers on the market leading to an acquistion by Curves®
Product Unit

Moving from concept to industry-leading fitness tracker and acquisition by Curves® in five years

“The Design 1st team’s ability to diagnosis, solve and execute on multiple design challenges throughout the product development was the key to the Slimcoach’s success in the marketplace”
Reed Hanoun

CEO and Founder, MyTrak Inc.

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