Explore our extensive commercial product portfolio, where we specialize in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of innovative equipment and industrial products. Our focus is on developing and prototyping commercial-grade products for diverse industrial applications.


Design 1st Portfolio Case Studies Swabbot – Cleaning and Validation Cobot Revolutionary Collobrative Robot (Cobot) for Pharmaceutical Tank Cleaning Turn

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Lumenera Case Study

Design 1st Portfolio Lumenera Lumenera – Microscopy Cameras Ongoing Design Support Paves Lumenera’s Path to Mass Production Success Start a

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Epiphan Video –

Design 1st Portfolio Case Studies Epiphan Video Industry Leading All-in-One Live Broadcast 4K Video Streaming Sytem Turn Your Idea Into

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Design 1st helped us deliver an exceptional product to market

“We didn’t look at this shipping container project as ‘one and done.’ We wanted a product that could be replicated for scale and the Design 1st team has enabled us to do just. Their team’s forward-thinking approach complemented ours and this partnership resulted in a customized container that protects, charges and transports our aerial vehicles virtually anywhere around the world.”
Didi Horn

Founder & CEO, SkyX

Fully Certified and Award-Winning

Our company and staff are certified with the Professional Engineers of Ontario and with ACIDO certified Industrial Designers of Ontario. We are also affiliated with Carleton University.

From Napkin Sketch to Manufacture-Ready Product: Successful the First Time

Design 1st integrates our knowledge, and expertise, with yours to bring your product idea to life