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Webinar: Medical Device Prototyping


Video: Moving From Lab to Marketplace


Video: CBC News, Patent Infringement

Medical Device Prototyping

Prototyping in Fast-Cycle Medical Device Product Design

Integrating Manufacturing Early in the Product Design Lifecycle

Get educated on the manufacturing process

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Product Design Tips

Guidelines used to help ensure successful product designs

Design for Reliability

Concepts, causes and identification

Design for Manufacturing

Mass production, assembly and manufacturing guidelines

Design for Colour

When you hear “milk chocolate”, what colour comes to mind?

Design for Maintainability

Principles, modularity and rules

Design for Looks

Styling, aesthetics and colour

Product Design Checklist

Checklist for turning your product idea into an award-winning product

Engineering Guides

Technical support for a variety of product development decisions

Bolt Grade Markings

Bolt grade marketing and strength chart

Materials Properties

Charts outlining the properties of different materials

Drill Size Chart

Tap drill and clearance holes for screw threads

Air Flow Resistance

Resistance of perforated plates

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Design 1st Made Everything So Incredibly Easy!

“We had some very tight specificications, but Design 1st gave us ideas we never thought possible. Our product works incredibly and now looks fantastic – like something you’d see in a modern hospital. We’re really thankful to have found Design 1st.”

Matt LeMay

VP Services, Nuraleve Medical Devices