Wireless Technology Design Portfolio

We specialize in customizing a wide array of wireless technologies, including WiFi, Bluetooth 5.0, IoT, and more, to meet the specific needs of your devices and use cases.

Wireless Design and Technology Expertise

We have deep wireless technology expertise across multiple industries and device types, helping clients do the following:

  1. Network Technologies: WiFi, Long Range WiFi, WAN, PAN, Mesh Networking, ZigBee
  2. Communication Protocols: Bluetooth 5.0, Long Distance Bluetooth, M2M (Machine to Machine), LTE, Sub-Gig Long Distance
  3. Cloud and Data Management: Cloud Solutions, Data Management, IoT (Internet of Things), IoE (Internet of Everything)
  4. System Architecture and Industry 4.0: Designing robust systems for IoT, Industry 4.0, Smart Home Solutions
  5. RF Technologies: RF Design, Antenna Design, Licensed vs Unlicensed Spectrum
  6. Regulatory Aspects: Approval Testing and Coordination, Regulatory Compliance
  7. Power Solutions: Wireless Power Transfer-Charging
  8. Specialized Wireless Design  Design of Wireless Devices in Water,  Concurrent Connections

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Medical device with electronic integration


Medical device headband with sensors and wireless connectivity


Telematics GPS device for long-range connectivity to track fleet equipment


Pool chemical wireless sensor device


Children and Toddler wireless safety monitor, sends alerts to phone when door opened

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