Airflow and Filtration Design Portfolio

Explore our portfolio to see our expertise in airflow and filtration for a wide-range of industries including medical, consumer, and industrial HVAC.

Airflow Design and Filtration Expertise

Design 1st’s design and engineering teams work together to apply their wide-ranging expertise in air filtration to achieve efficient solutions. Whether you need an investigation of how filtration may integrate in your product or need a filter designed in a brand new product we can help.

  1. Expertise in Laminar and Turbulent Flow Analysis: Proficient in examining and understanding both smooth (laminar) and chaotic (turbulent) flow patterns.
  2. Advanced CFD Simulation: Utilizing Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for detailed and accurate fluid flow simulations.
  3. Natural Convection Cooling: Specializing in cooling methods that utilize the natural circulation of fluid without external forces.
  4. Forced Air Techniques: Forced air methods for efficient cooling and fluid movement.
  5. Active Cooling Strategies: Using active mechanisms to control cooling processes.
  6. Minimizing Turbulence: Reducing turbulence for improved flow efficiency and stability.
  7. Casting Design Modifications (Armstrong Method): Adapting casting designs to maintain laminar flow without compromising efficiency or functionality.
Image: Particle Size Infographic by Harrison Schell

Explore our Air Flow and Filtration Portfolio

Image: Zero-energy humidifier powered by furnace floor air vents
Image: Molecule – Commercialize a desiccant nanomaterial into a prototype to extract water from air

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