SkyX - Drone Re-Charging Station

Remote Drone Garage - Aerial Mapping Pipelines and Utility Rightaways

An Inside Glimpse Into the Development of SkyX's Drone Recharging Station

Exploring different garage concepts

Product Design Requirements

SkyX came to Design 1st needing help redesigning their remote-controlled drone recharging station. The current design cost was 2.5x the target cost and was challenging to manufacture, assemble, and transport.

Design and Engineering Challenges

To meet SkyX’s requirements, the Design 1st team chose a custom shipping container and began work on the internal design, component selection, and testing.
Design and Test of Dual-Axis Gantry System
SkyX UAV Aerial System Product Specs

SkyX Product Results

SkyX accepted delivery of the fully functional prototype right at their 7-month timeline and put into field use for testing. The results were a success, and SkyX began a low-volume manufacturing run to expand operations.

Design 1st helped us deliver an exceptional product to market

“We didn’t look at this shipping container project as ‘one and done.’ We wanted a product that could be replicated for scale and the Design 1st team has enabled us to do just. Their team’s forward-thinking approach complemented ours and this partnership resulted in a customized container that protects, charges and transports our aerial vehicles virtually anywhere around the world.”
Didi Horn

Founder & CEO, SkyX

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