GeoSight - Mining Borehole Probe

Rugged LiDAR Scanner for Underground Mining

An Inside Glimpse Into the Development of GeoSight's Mining Borehole Probe

exploded view cad
3D Transparent Assembly of Interior Component

Background & Design Requirements

GeoSight is known for having the toughest 3D mapping scanner in the mining industry and required expert technical support from Design 1st to design a 2.5 inch diameter watertight camera and LIDAR scanner to provide 360-views of underground boreholes that would be extremely rugged.

Technical Design Challenges

The scanner’s limited space required a creative approach to the high-risk gearbox design and standard ‘off the shelf’ gearboxes would not fit in the tight design envelope so Design 1st designed and tested a fully custom system.
3d cad sensors
Field of View Scanner Flexibility
regulatory testing mining
Final Assembly of Functioning Prototype

Product Results

Design 1st’s expert design and engineering teams helped GeoSight design, develop, and manufacture the World’s most advanced borehole sensor in the mining industry.

The world's most advanced underground borehole scanner

“Design 1st experience in outdoor product and Geotechnical probes made for a quick learning curve understanding the specific use situation environment. They were up to speed on the key mechanical challenges in a few hours of discussion and identified plausible low-risk solutions quickly, to guide the choice of engineering direction to focus on.”
image 337
John Lupton

Director of Engineering, Geosight Inc.

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