Calibre Biometrics

World's First Wearable for Breath Tracking Biometrics

Explore the full product development journey of the design and engineering of Calibre Biometrcs

Prototype Evolution: Benchmodel to Pre-Production Device

Product Design Requirements

After interviewing over a dozen product design firms, Calibre selected Design 1st to help bring the innovative wearable breath monitor from the lab to manufacturing and launch in the marketplace.

Design and Engineering Challenges

When Calibre came to Design 1st, the first project was an R&D exercise to find out if moving laboratory sensors and monitoring equipment into a consumer wearable device was possible. Once this was confirmed the Design 1st identified and solved several major technical risks to deliver the finished device ready for manufacturing.
Mannuqin head with Calibre Test Equipment
First volume production run parts

Product Results

Design 1st helped Calibre set up a robust global supply chain and manufacturing partners and move the final product to market. The result was an award-winning innovative health and fitness device that delivers on the challenging task of taking medical lab sensor equipment into a wearable device.

Creating the World's First Wearable to Unlock the Data in Your Breath

“Design 1st’s creative, product design, and mechanical engineering services are highly distinctive. The team is intelligent and experienced, and their rapid prototyping and testing capabilities played a pivotal role in shaping our groundbreaking device.”

Udi Meirav

CEO and Founder, Calibre Biometrics Inc.

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