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The World's First IoT Connected Indoor Sump Pump Alarm System


Explore the Product Development of Libery Pump's Connected Sump Pump Monitor

Concept Sketches

Background & Design Requirements

Liberty Pumps came to Design 1st to redesign the user experience of their existing sump pump alarms by adding IoT connectivity to an app and the physical design of the unit.


Developing a new sump pump alarm physical design and connectivity from the ground up, the team encountered several obstacles during the product design process:
Fully Functional Electronics Prototype
Volume Production Unit With Connected Mobile App


With a tight timeline and integration of multiple disciplines, Design 1st delivered the world’s first connected sump pump with mobile alert notifications that Liberty Pumps sells across the world today:

World's First Wireless Enabled Sump Pump Alert System

“We knew IoT couldn’t be ignored, and we wanted to get ahead of the competition with a modern, mobile solution. We may have been able to get something working on our own, but IoT is evolving so fast we would have been obsolete before we reached the market. We needed pros.”
Caleb Peterson

Product Development Engineer, Liberty Pumps

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