Molecule™ - Atmospheric Water Generator

Lab to Marketplace Breathrough Harvesting Drinking Water From Air

An Inside Glimpse Into the R&D Exploration and Product Development of Molecule's Innovation Material

Molecule's Innovative Material in Powder Form

Product Design Requirements

California-based R&D Thinktank, Molecule chose Design 1st to transform a revolutionary desiccant nanomaterial developed by the University of Limerick into a commercial prototype that absorbs moisture from air.

Design and Engineering Challenges

Taking a groundbreaking nanomaterial from lab to commercially viable prototype presented a maze of design engineering challenges the teams worked through:
Benchmodel thermal testing of material in wheel form
Proof-of-Concept Prototype

Molecule Product Results

Molecule’s R&D exploration to transform an innovative nano-material into a commercially viable product was a success. The fully functional prototype worked, and multiple commercial applications for the unique material were developed, transforming Molecule into a global leader in the water technology industry.

Deepest bench of technical engineering and design talent

“I did a lot of due diligence while selecting a product development company, and Design 1st had the deepest bench for technical capability. They worked on such a broad range of products with successful commercialization. Design 1st’s early efforts in prototype development helped us move from a powder substrate into a commercial product for testing.”

Kurt Francis

CTO and Co-Founder, Molecule

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