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New Design 1st main boardroom with project wall displays

Did you know Design 1st has helped develop over 700 physical products?

We came to this number by looking back at our project history from 1996 – 2018.  After gathering all the past project data and sorting through old project boxes we identified 50 of our favorite products that told great stories about the product development process.

The challenge was how to share all these products in our boardrooms.

The existing boardroom setup of display shelves was good but wouldn’t allow us to fit more than 20 projects. We wanted to triple that number.

Old Design 1st boardroom project display shelves

The solution came after a brainstorm meeting with the Design 1st team in spring 2018 where the idea of visual hanging boards with 3D exploded views of projects was proposed.

But this was no small feat. On top of building out 3D exploded boards of projects, there was a mountain of graphics work requiring two entire boardrooms to be redesigned.

To accomplish this project we leaned on the expertise of Senior Industrial Designer, Chris Edwards, several design interns, and local Ottawa custom sign shop Sign Art Studio to help build over 48 project boards showcasing our favorite work.

Take a look at the result below or schedule a visit to drop by the office!

Examples of new 3D exploded view project boards
Medical device project examples
Medical device project examples

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