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The Design 1st team and our clients met the challenges of 2021 head-on. Over the course of 365 days, we worked on 77 unique projects, oversaw six products move to volume manufacturing, and received award recognition for several innovative projects. See all our highlights below:

2021 Highlights:

1) Six New Projects Launched From Idea to Volume Manufacturing

Launching new physical products to volume manufacturing is tough. It takes time, expertise, funding, and a solid manufacturing strategy to be successful. So when we guide our client’s projects from their idea to the first volume production runs we are thrilled! This past year the Design 1st manufacturing team helped six clients in uniquely different markets to setup their supplier base and their manufacturing operations.

2) Exciting New Client Projects

In 2021, over a dozen of recently started projects will be moving into manufacturing and launching to market in 2022. This represents a 100% increase over our 2021 Client products, managing from the idea right through to their launch. Here are a few of our favorite projects over the past year spanning multiple industries.

3) Awards and Recognition

In 2021, the Design 1st team set a new record for award recognition! Alongside our clients, we won six prestigious awards that reflect our dedication to world-class product development. These awards include product-specific design awards and industry recognition for being a top global b2b design team. View them below:

4) Projects By Industry

In 2021, Design 1st set a new record – 77 unique projects were worked on! We took those 77 projects and spilt them into their respective industries to give an overview of the diversity of expertise and project innovation we work on each year.

5) Design 1st 2021 Company Highlights

Every we round up all the numbers that go into our day-to-day working activities. We use this data to create an annual infographic showing how the Design 1st team grew, stayed busy, and delivered our clients successful new products. We are excited to share this year’s summary below:


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