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Design 1st used the latest tools and a little innovation to demonstrate the basics of a day in the life of product design.  Intel sponsored a Canada-wide design competition asking companies to share what they do and how they differentiate themselves from their competition.

Selected as the Grand Prize Winner from 120 entries, Design 1st receives a $10,000 prize which they will donate to the Ottawa Technology Venture Challenge (TVC). TVC is celebrating their 10 year anniversary as Eastern Ontario’s most prestigious competition for encouraging and mentoring post-secondary students to act on their technology business ideas and become the next-generation of entrepreneurs.

The team at Design 1st used a stop motion video style to reveal how a product makes it from napkin sketch through the multifaceted process of product development. With a little imagination, the video makes it look relatively simple and instantaneous to generate a fully functioning product, while in reality it is anything but.

Watch the Video Here:


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