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Did you know 70% of a product cost is locked in during the early design stage of a product development process?

For companies launching a new product thinking about manufacturing early in the design phase is an important part of a successful product launch.

There are 6 Critical Details to Consider when Manufacturing a Product:

  1. Select Off the Shelf Components Early
  2. Mechanical Part Outsourcing
  3. Electrical/Electronic Part Sourcing
  4. Part Supply Logistic Planning
  5. High Level Key Item Cost Estimates
  6. Finding the best fit Contract Manufacturer

Each of these plays a key role in the successful manufacturing of new products. The process of evaluating these details when preparing a product for manufacturing is called commercialization. Done right, commercialization allows a product to be manufactured at the lowest cost,  highest quality and delivered on time.

Common Questions every Product Faces on route to Manufacturing:

•    How do I design my product for lowest cost and keep the important functions?

•    What materials and finishes do I use to get the product to look great and perform well?

•    How do I ensure the quality of my product will keep defects and returns low?

•    Where do I find and buy off-the-shelf parts for the lowest cost?

•    What is involved in getting product to my customers and in good working order?

•    Who do I trust when I am making these decisions?

Put a commercialization Expert on your Design Team:

Design 1st has in-house experts in commercialization that work directly with the design team to provide navigation throughout the product architecture configuration stage.   We help you to find “good fit” suppliers and a manufacturer for your product, both local and abroad.  This approach is a natural fit for clients looking to transition their concept prototype to the market. This year Design 1st has played a pivotal role in the commercialization of more than a dozen start-up clients. Here are a few examples of clients that have launched after using our commercialization and market-readiness services:


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