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Often the hardest part of medical product development, is not the tough technical challenges but the nail-biting wait for licensing and certification of your product. Luckily, for our client Joylux, the wait is over.

Last week, Health Canada released their approval of Joylux’s vSculpt product as a licensed medical device.

About vSculpt:

vSculpt is the world’s first over-the-counter handheld medical device utilizing LED (light-emitting diode) technology to help treat the millions of women who suffer from pelvic floor disorders (PFDs).

Users can download a compatible mobile app to assist in tracking treatment time and accessing product instructions and useful tips. Used three times per week for ten minutes per session over 60 days, vSculpt has delivered impressive results.


After kicking off the launch of vSculpt at CES 2016, Joylux has built a steady stream of awareness for their vSculpt product, including recent media mentions in both Inc. and Huffington Post.

Now with their Health Canada approval in hand, vSculpt has officially launched in Canada as well.

You can learn more and purchase vSculpt at:


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