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Recently named a 2014 Startup to Watch by the Ottawa Business Journal, Nuvyyo – one of our clients based here in the Ottawa area, are re-inventing the way we enjoy our tablet devices, by allowing people to stream their photos, videos, TV shows and movies on their personal devices no matter where they may be.

Nuvvyo was recently featured on CBC news to showcase to viewers how they are helping people everywhere cut the cord that ties us to local cable and satellite providers.

“It’s not just about the TV these days,” says NuvyyoCEO Grant Hall. “It’s really about whatever device you have and wherever you are, enabling you to enjoy that live and recorded programming wherever you want to.”

With our help, along with a few other suppliers, the Tablo is now testing over 60 units in Canada and the United States. Pre-Sales are soaring and the Tablo is set to ship next week to eagerly awaiting Cord Cutters.

Tablo is a system that plugs into an antenna and lets customers watch and record high-definition programming on their television or tablet – for free, so you can enjoy what you want, where you want, without being tied into contracts and spending the thousands of dollars most of us spend a year already on cable and/or satellite services.

Check-out this Video to see why the Tablo is attracting so much attention:

CEO Grant Hall says that Nuvyyo will likely focus its initial efforts on online retail sales before branching out to traditional retail shops. But with consumers continuing to drop their cable and satellite TV subscriptions in record the numbers the Tablo may be showing up on the shelves of Big Box stores sooner than later.

Nuvyyo was founded in 2010 and currently employs eleven full-time employees,  and three part-time, and are located in Kanata, Ontario.


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