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After meeting Guy Murray for the first time you’re guaranteed to hear at least one product idea. ThOttawa personal trainer embodies the definition of an inventor and has used his ingenuity to create several products over the years.

In early 2010, Guy came up with one product idea he knew would take more than elbow grease to bring to life. After contacting several machine shops, engineers and prototype outfits he stumbled across Design 1st online.  Quickly a meeting was setup, budget identified and a team put in place. Over the next six months the design team moved Guy from Idea through to engineering and prototyping.

The results following the early stages of product development were a finalized concept, detailed design and a  CAD rendered video showcasing the new benchpress revolution called PowerPress:

This followed with a low volume production run of the PowerPress and various product trials. The most popular trial was at the 100% Raw Bench Press Provincials in Ottawa where the PowerPress was tried out by dozens of conditioned Powerlifters. The consensus — they loved it, PowerPress was a hit.

After product trials Guy took the feedback and put together a professional commercial video detailing the mechanics, technology and benefits of the PowerPress.

Now moving into 2014 Guy is nearing the end of the product design process and is preparing to sell and distribute the PowerPress. While currently a hit at his private gym, Studio Elite Fitness – Guy  is hoping other gyms’ will have a chance to reap the benefits of his innovation.


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