Heatstone - Outdoor Radiant Heating

Innovative Radiant Heating Modular Patio Stone System to Melt Snow and Ice

An Inside Glimpse Into the Development of The Heatstone Snow and Ice Melting System

heatstone system doc
3D Concept Design

Background & Design Requirements

Heatstone Concepts came to Design 1st looking to bring a concept for a “new way to remove snow” to life using heated patio stones.

Engineering Challenges

Snow, water, extreme temperatures, and electrical connections posed multiple engineering challenges.
heatstone proto build test
Prototype Build Test
heatstone winter snow melt
Heatstone Product Testing

Product Results

Through creativity and technical understanding, the Design 1st team developed a manufacturable product ready for market that achieved CSA certification.

Award-Winning Product that went From Idea to fully manufactured in under tenmonths

Working with their world-class engineering team, I was involved and guided throughout the patenting, design, engineering and prototyping process. With their broad range of suppliers, in-depth materials knowledge and prototyping capabilities – my product successfully achieved its CSA certification. Beta trial units are being handled by the Design 1st New Product Introduction (NPI) team, coordinating the build with suppliers and testing. From here to market is now in sight and my business opportunity is now expanding with its potential uses in the home building and renovation industry.”
Nunzio Consiglio

Inventor and Founder, HeatStone Concepts

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