Lūp Cable - Self Organizing Magnetic Cable

Revolutionary flexible magnetic, self-coling USB-C cable with fast charging

An Inside Glimpse Into the Product Design of Lūp Cable Magnetic USB-C Cord

USB-C Magnetic Cable Concept

Product Design Requirements

Aiming to revolutionize cable management with magnetic technology, Reaction Labs collaborated with Design 1st to advance their initial Lūp Cable design. The project focused on surpassing typical USB-C and Apple performance criteria while introducing a self-coiling mechanism. Product design goals and requirements included:

Engineering Challenges

The Lūp Cable’s innovative design posed unique engineering challenges, particularly in integrating magnetic coiling with high electrical performance. The Design 1st team needed to ensure these features did not compromise the cable’s functionality or standards compliance. Challenges included:
Thermal Imaging of prototype cable
Amazon Product Image of Lūp

Product Results

Lūp Cable’s swift transition from concept to market exemplifies Design 1st’s capacity for rapid innovation and effective execution. Released in just three months, the product quickly rose to prominence on Amazon, marking a significant achievement in the competitive tech accessories market. Its user-friendly design and powerful functionality have garnered positive reviews and robust sales figures.

Magnetic Lūp cable moves from concept to volume production in under four months

We recognized the inherent frustrations users face with traditional charging cables – from tangled messes to easily damaged wires. Our goal with Lūp was to address these pain points head-on. Through close collaboration with Design 1st, we were able to seamlessly translate this vision into a reality, ensuring Lūp not only meets but exceeds user expectations.

Founder, Reaction Labs LLC 

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