Ridemaster - Motorcycle Communication Device

Device for safe communication between motorcyclists on the road

An Inside Glimpse Into the Development of Ridemaster's Motorycle Communication Device

ridemaster concept sketches
Concept Sketches

Product Design Requirements

An avid motorcycle enthusiast and inventor came to Design 1st wanting to improve safety and communication during group rides. The idea was to design an interactive device where riders could communicate safely which each other while riding using a simple handlebar-mounted display.

Design and Engineering Challenges

Implementing Design 1st’s proven process, the team was able to help the inventor move from a product concept, through to a functional prototype, and on to manufacturing.
ridemaster user interface
Ridemaster User Interface
ridemaster context photo
Product Technical Specs

Product Results

Design 1st was able to provide the Ridemaster team, who did not have the expertise in packaging, materials selection or manufacturing, with a practical solution that fit both the required look and feel and could be manufactured at high volumes to attain the desired cost per unit.

Design 1st took us from idea to functional prototype and volume manufacturing in nine months

“Design 1st was a great partner to work with; they approached our project with a high degree of collaboration and provided us with several options at each decision point. They took our Ridemaster concept and turned it into something real that was both practical and had a high quality feel to it.”

Dave Gilmour,

Founder, and CEO – Ridemaster Corp.

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