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Provided custom services to ensure first of its kind, all-in-one toothbrush + toothpaste that’s reusable (30x), custom land paddle and next-generation woodworking router successfully delivered to market.

September 8, 2021Design 1st, one of the most trusted full-service product design-engineering firms across North America, today announced a new crop of custom products recently launched in market.

The products include FunkkOFF! TeethRefreshers®, the only reusable (30x) toothbrush + toothpaste product; the SUPStick land paddle , a custom land paddle for competitive Stand UP Paddle training and commuting; and JessEM Tool Company’s next-generation woodworking router, all recently went into mass production and successfully launched in market.

In addition to design services for each of the new products, Design 1st set up and coordinated the contract manufacturers for FunkkOFF! and SUPStick and guided them through the manufacturing process, ensuring that current pandemic impact on the global manufacturing and supply chain industry had minimal impact on product delivery to market.

“We believe that with the right design partner, any entrepreneur or organization has the ability to successfully design and deliver a new product innovation to market,” said Kevin Bailey, CEO at Design 1st.

“Choosing and working closely with a Contract Manufacturer during design transfer is one of the most critical stages of the product development process. We are thrilled to see the results of our partnerships with FunkkOFF!, SUPStick, and JessEM Tool Company as each has reached an important milestone in their business journey – successfully contracting a manufacturing partner and delivering first product to their customers.”

Revolutionary On-the-Go and Reusable (30x) Toothbrush + Toothpaste

Launched July 2nd, 2021, the multi-patented FunkkOFF! TeethRefreshers® is owned by FunkkOFF!® Inc., a fun and irreverent beauty lifestyle brand. FunkkOFF! TeethRefreshers® is their flagship product described as the “1st Beauty Essential for Your Teeth” and a must have with you when you’re on-the-go to refresh your teeth. It is elegant and easy to use – just twist the bottom, brush, rinse and smile! FunkkOFF! TeethRefreshers® is fast becoming the ‘secret weapon’ in your purse or pocket that gives you a confident, fresh and white smile anywhere you go.

“Design 1st was a great partner that helped us bring our product to life,” said Sonia Hounsell, Co-Founder, FunkkOFF!® Inc.

Compact and reusable by design, FunkkOFF! TeethRefreshers® is environmentally friendly and contains all natural, proprietary tooth gel, which is SLS-Free, Fluoride-Free, BPA-Free, Gluten-Free and Vegan.

“The Design 1st team helped us in so many aspects, from the prototype development and testing standpoint, to selecting a contract manufacturer that ensured we had all the necessary components ordered and were ready for mass production,” added Hounsell.

Supporting the Paddle Enthusiast with the Ultimate Land Paddle

The SUPStick was inspired by the market need for a land paddle that could be used for competitive paddler training during the off season, or when accessibility to water was a challenge.

Current products on the market did not address the rigidity of paddling on asphalt or concrete and the detrimental effects it can take on the users’ arms and shoulders after repetitive use. Also appealing to the recreational outdoor sports enthusiast and ideal for commuting to work, the SUPStick satisfies the fun and healthy benefits of paddle boarding on land.

“The market for SUP is certainly a niche market and we needed a hardware design partner that implement the design elements that I envisioned, which would give customers a product that really is a first of its kind from a feature and aesthetic standpoint,” said Joel Brennan, Founder, Brennan Innovation Inc. and SUPStick.

“A life-long athlete, I knew what I wanted in a land paddle from a capabilities standpoint, but really needed guidance in how to design and select rugged components and the right manufacturing partner. Design 1st helped me with all of this.”

Next Generation Woodworking Router

JessEM Tool Company, an established supplier in the woodworking industry, turned to Design 1st for help in redesigning a better router for use in a router table. The Design 1st product development team developed a number of unique features to improve overall user experience and comply to JessEM’s high quality product standards.

This new woodworking router motor would excel when used in a router table and offer far better performance in the application.

According to Darrin Smith, President and founder of JessEM Tool Company,

“We had the manufacturing and assembly capabilities in house but lacked the necessary end to end design support and particularly the electrical design expertise, which was critical to the development of the motor controller specifications that we wanted. The Design 1st team exceeded our expectations with their depth of electronics expertise. They also tapped into their network and introduced us to quality suppliers and found us short supply parts inventory which was instrumental in our ability to deliver a product to market within an aggressive timeline.”

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