How to Sell Your Invention to Canadian Tire

Canada’s iconic “we-sell-everything” retailer, Canadian Tire, is launching thousands of new products, relying on local inventors who understand the market, weather, economy, and unique needs of Canadians to fill the gap, embodying its mantra “Tested for life in Canada.”

  • Canadian Tire is actively seeking new innovative products to enhance its portfolio, focusing on the Canadian lifestyle.
  • Private-label brands are central to Canadian Tire’s strategy, emphasizing unique innovations exclusive to the retailer.
  • A new straightforward process for inventors and companies to bring their products to the Canadian market through Canadian Tire
  • Design 1st – Canada’s largest product team, helps inventors develop their ideas for volume manufacturing for partnerships with Canadian Tire
inside canadian tire edmonton showcase store display of products
Image: Canadian Store in Ottawa, Ontario

What Types of Products is Canadian Tire Looking For?

Canadian Tire seeks products that address the unique challenges of Canadian living, from the harsh winters to the diverse outdoor activities enjoyed across the country. If your invention simplifies daily life, increases safety, or adds enjoyment in a distinctly Canadian way, it could be the perfect fit for Canadian Tire. 

Tip: Explore Canadian Tire’s “Consumer Brands” division webpage to explore all the in-house brands Canadian Tire currently sells. Will your product fit into one of these? What is missing? Build a story angle that showcases your product’s value.

Image: Canadian Tire Consumer Brands

Why Should Inventors Care?

Partnering with Canadian Tire offers a transformative opportunity for your invention, turning it from a concept into a household name across Canada. It’s a chance to make a significant impact on the daily lives of millions, providing solutions that resonate with the unique Canadian lifestyle. Your product could become an essential part of homes nationwide, cherished for its utility and innovation.

Plus, Canadian Tire has over 500 stores across Canada alongside a robust distribution network.

left: exterior of the new canadian tire store in ottawa. right: rows of shelves from a second floor view
Image: New Canadian Store Design

How Catch Canadian Tires Attention With Your Idea?

To catch Canadian Tire’s attention, your product must innovate or significantly improve upon existing solutions, addressing everyday problems in ways previously unimagined. Products that offer a unique benefit or solve a problem in a new way are especially appealing. 

Most importantly, have a well-thought-out design and path to volume manufacturing for your product. Major retailers, like Canadian Tire, need new products to sell now. A rough product idea will not cut it, development time times a minimum of one year. So start now!

Canadian Tire Inventor Success Stories:

Rumidifier and Wheel Nut Caddy, Ottawa Inventors.

Two Ottawa-based inventors caught the attention of Canadian Tire with unique, simple product innovations that were fully developed, tested, and ready for scale manufacturing. 

Rumidifier: an eco-friendly, zero energy home humidifier

wheel nut caddy on wheels

Wheel Nut Caddy: storage for wheel nuts (bolts) with the off-season wheels

How Can You Get Your Invention into Canadian Tire?

Step 1: Register Your Company

Start by registering your company with the Canadian Tire Vendor Gateway. This crucial first step allows you to introduce your product to Canadian Tire. Follow the provided directions carefully and wait for your registration confirmation.

Step 2: Participate in a Sourcing Review

Next, participate in a sourcing review, which includes specific training and documentation. This step is designed to prepare you for presenting your product to Canadian Tire, moving you closer to potential selection.

Step 3: Negotiate Your Contract

If Canadian Tire shows interest in your product, you’ll enter negotiations on contract details, such as costs and discounts. This is your opportunity to finalize the details and secure a spot for your product within their offerings.

Step 4: Onboarding

After selection, you’ll undergo an onboarding process to familiarize yourself with Canadian Tire’s operational procedures. This ensures a smooth transition for your product into the market, setting the stage for a successful launch.

April 29, 2020 - Dartmouth, Canada - Cargo containers stacked high at a Canadian Tire Distribution Centre/Warehouse located in Burnside Industrial Park.
Image: Canadian Tire Shipping Containers

Getting Help Bringing Your Product Idea to Volume Manufacturing

If you’re in the thick of product development and encounter obstacles, remember that assistance is within reach. Collaborating with experts who excel in scaling products to mass production is pivotal. These specialists provide support in navigating manufacturing challenges, ensuring your invention aligns with Canadian Tire’s quality standards and market expectations.

Act now—your invention could be the next big hit at Canadian Tire.


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