Rumidifier - Zero Energy Room Humidifier

Eco-Friendly, Zero Energy Home Humidifier

An Inside Glimpse Into the Development of Rumidifier's Zero Energy Humidifier

Rumidifier 3D concept design ideas
3D Concept Design Variations of Rumidifier

Product Design Requirements

Rumidifier came to Design 1st with a napkin sketch idea to design a zero-energy humidifier device with no moving parts that would sit on top of household forced air vents.

Design and Engineering Challenges

The biggest engineering challenge for the design team was maintaining the airflow from the register while placing a moist object in front of the register vent. 
Rumidifier barebones physical prototype
Early Physical Prototype
Exploded View of Rumidifier Product

Product Results

Through creativity and technical understanding, the Design 1st team helped Rumidifer go from an idea to an award-winning innovative product that has sold over 1 Million units across North America and continues to grow.

One Stop Shop From Product Idea to Manufacturing and Store Shelves

“I needed to transform the Rumidifier napkin sketch design into a working prototype and then a real product. As a first time inventor, the importance of having a knowledgeable business-focussed product development partner like Design 1st, is very clear to me now.”
Jeri Rodrigs

Founder and CEO, Rumidifier 

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