QuirkLogic - Enterprise Connected eWriter

The World's Largest E-Ink Digital Whiteboard

An Inside Glimpse Into the Development of QuirkLogic's eWriter

QuirkLogic Concept Design Testing

Background & Design Requirements

QuirkLogic came to Design 1st looking for help to transform their concept of an e-ink whiteboard from a scale model prototype into a 4ft. tall interactive touch surface.

Design and Engineering Challenges

Implementing Design 1st’s proven product development process, the team was able to identify, test, and remove major product risks and deliver a functional prototype.
E-Ink Prototype Whiteboard Assembly
QuirkLogic Multi-Screen Setup

Product Results

Through creativity and technical understanding, the Design 1st team developed an award-winning product for QuirkLogic, that received accolades for being the largest, commercial e-ink display in the world!

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