Belair Networks - Urban Wi-Fi System

Wireless Wi-Fi Broadband Mesh Network for Urban Cities, acquired by Ericsson

An Inside Glimpse Into the Product Development of Belair Networks Urban Wi-Fi System

Outdoor Wi-Fi Concept Sketch

Background & Design Requirements

Belair Networks came to Design 1st with innovative wireless Wi-Fi technology and one request, make the device rugged and protected from extreme environments outdoors. There must be a zero chance of water penetration or failure. Plus a muted, neutral look that blends into urban environments and does not stand out.

Tough Product Design Challenges

The BelAir Networks team provided Design 1st with some real technical challenges in designing their enclosures and mounting solutions including: outdoor weather requirements, RF and thermal considerations and making the products look good but not so good as to attract attention.
Pre-production Prototype
Benchmodel Prototype for Testing

BelAir Product Results

Through creativity and technical understanding, the Design 1st team helped BelAir develop North America’s largest wireless broadband mesh network. The entire BelAir company and family of products was acquired by Ericsson.

Ruggized product design for a family of wireless urban Wi-Fi devices

“With their roots in Nortel Networks and a trusted partner for many years, Design 1st are committed to our success. They add value in the creative design process, along with excellent knowledge of materials and manufacturing/tooling options.”
Stephen Rayment

CTO,  BelAir Networks (Ericsson)

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