NorthVu - HDTV Fractal Antenna

HDTV Fractal Digital Antenna for Over-the-Air Television

An Inside Glimpse Into the Development of NorthVu's HDTV Fractal Antenna

Early Concept Sketches

Background & Design Requirements

The client came to Design 1st with innovative fractal technology to capture over-the-air television signals and wanted to develop a production-ready consumer device to sell in twelve months. Design requirements included:

Product Design Challenges

Implementing Design 1st’s proven process, the team was able to overcome several obstacles to:
Proof of Concept Electronics Prototype Testing
Electrical Wiring

Product Results

Through creativity and technical understanding, the NorthVu antenna became one of the top selling OTA (Over-the-air) antennas to capture free television signals in North America:

North America's first commerically available indoor digital OTA (over-the-air) television antenna

“Design 1st delivered an ultra-compact, elegant and reliable enclosure and retail shelf packaging that will capture the attention of consumers and prospective partners. We are confident in outsourcing our requirements to Design 1st when we need them.”
Spenser Williams

CEO,  NorthVu Systems Ltd.

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