thinkRF - RF Spectrum Analyzer

Market disrupting 27 GHz spectrum analyzer

An Inside Glimpse Into the Product Development of ThinkRF's Spectrum Analyzer

thinkrf modular design concept 3d; multiple thinkrf in a modular setup
Virtual concept renderings of Think RF enclosure design

Background & Design Requirements

ThinkRF came to Design 1st to develop a robust heat-dissipating enclosure that would both safely hold the custom electronics and create a unique, branded design.

Engineering Challenges

Implementing Design 1st’s proven product development process, the team overcame several obstacles to deliver the industry-leading spectrum analyzer device.
thinkrf preproduction part with screw holes and ridges
CNC machined enclosure prototype for Think RF
thinkrf volume mfg product manufacturing
Bench model testing of PCB geometry for enclosure design

Product Design Results

Through creativity and technical understanding, the Design 1st team developed an award-winning product that continues to be the #1 global selling spectrum analyzer.

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