HeatPrep - Cable Heating Tool

World’s first handheld cable heating tool lands licensing deal with CablePrep®

An Inside Glimpse Into the Product Development of HeatPrep's Cable Heating Tool

final concept
Final Concept Design

Product Design Requirements

Josh Guimond, founded of HeatPrep® came to Design 1st look for help to transform his vision for a handheld cable heating device to eliminate poor cable connections into a manufacturable product ready for mass production.

Design and Engineering Challenges

Implementing Design 1st’s proven process, the team was able to overcome several obstacles, including:
benchmodel prototype
Bench Model Prototype for Testing
testing heat
Pre-Production Prototype Parts for User Testing Trials

HeatPrep® Product Results

After a twelve-month product development journey, Josh Guimond traveled to China with the Design 1st team to oversee the first volume production run. Six months later, the HeatPrep landed an exclusive licensing deal with the world’s largest telecom cabling tool company, CablePrep®.

World’s first handheld cable heating tool goes from product concept to landing exclusive licensing deal.

“Design 1st’s ability to identify and eliminate design risk and deliver an amazing user experience is now paying dividends as the sales grow. They helped us realize our vision, and provided a quality manufacturing solution, allowing us to concentrate on marketing and sales.”
Josh Guimond

President and Founder,  HeatPrep Inc.


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