Deckster - iPod Watch Accessory

Stylish nostalgic 'retro cassette tape' watch for the iPod Nano

An Inside Glimpse Into the Deckster iPod Watch Accessory

concept sketches
Initial Design Sketches

Background & Design Requirements

The client came to Design 1st wanting to replicate the function of a retro tape cassette for a wrist watch using the iPod Nano. Design requirements included:

Design and Engineering Challenges

Implementing Design 1st’s proven process, the team was able to overcome several obstacles to:
cnc machining
Prototype housing for product testing
machined prototype
Engineering the cassette holder

Product Results

The Design 1st team developed an award-winning innovative design through creativity and technical understanding.

Husband and Wife team up to create nostalgic "Made in North America" wristwatch design

“Our strong design vision needed to be translated into a functional and fashionable product that complements Apple’s impeccable design heritage. Design 1st met the challenge and developed a world-class timepiece that integrates well into the Apple iPod design aesthetic.”
deckster-dominic coballe
Chrys & Dominic Coballe

Founders, Deckster (N-Product) Inc. 

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